Intellispring Wifi-as-a-Service is a fully managed Wifi solution

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Intellispring Wifi-as-a-Service is a fully managed Wifi solution.



Intellispring Wifi-as-a-Service is a fully managed secure internet wifi solution is designed for property managers and owners to deliver wifi access to your entire facility. Apartment tenants, students and customers are increasingly looking at amenities and value when selecting a place to live or work.  Reports confirm WiFi as residents the top amenity request.     Intellispring Wifi-as-a-Service makes it easy and simple.  We install our Wifi at a low monthly cost to the building owner, providing tenants on-demand Wifi to each unit and all common areas.  We provide 24-hour support with out expensive upfront costs.

  • Secure Connections on every account with login
  • Buildings are more attractive for owners / buyers & tenants
  • Cabled Options Available on Request
  • Access in apartment and common areas
  • Fully supported and maintained by expert staff
  • Managed bandwidth for all users
  • Great for renters on short term leases with no contracts
  • Takes your building into the next level
  • Internet available in common areas

Providing Wi-Fi to your tenants is an important tool that will not only increase customer retention and satisfaction, but also differentiate your facility from your competitors. Imagine the value of being able to market “free” quality high-speed internet with free tech support. The trend is starting, and you can be one of the first to provide internet to your customers.

Common areas

Tenants want to use their wireless devices at the pool, gym, courtyard and more. We offer both paid and free options. Indoor and Outdoor common area coverage.

Tenant Retention

Offer free wifi and enjoy longer tenant retention. WiFi isn’t just a feature to offer, it’s a make it or break it necessary amenity.


We let you customize the experience. Brand your facility by putting your message on the login page, recoup costs by charging for access, or offer free WiFi.


Our experts are monitoring your wifi network 24/7 with customer support for your tenants and onsite service in the event of a hardware failure.

Increased Rents

Offer free internet and build cost into operating budget or rent rates.

No Upfront Cost

No upfront costly capital installation costs. This is a fully managed monthly billed service offering.

Wifi As A Service

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